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Vissla Wetsuits Review

The tides have switched recently in the surf industry. The once unquestionable leaders: Quiksilver, Billabong, and Rip Curl, have all taken steps backwards. Whether because of poor management and financial decisions, or a change in consumer thinking as a whole, the big three are no longer dominating the surf world. Brands such as Roark, Salty Crew, and Outerknown have been finding traction and establishing themselves in the apparel market. Vissla on the other hand, has not only found a place in the surf clothing arena, but have firmly planted their flag in the wetsuit world as well.

Unidentified ripper utilizing his Vissla Wetsuit

Unidentified ripper utilizing his Vissla Wetsuit

Started by life long surfer and industry veteran, Paul Naude, Vissla has quickly been able to establish a niche for itself in the ultra competitive neoprene game. High quality products at a slightly below market price, has gobbled up consumers attention. Partnered with a fresh and organic marketing campaign that is both youthful and relevant, Vissla has pounced on the void being left open by the struggling stalwarts of the industry. I was a little hesitant to bring in their wetsuits at first, thinking it was going to take a few years to become competitive, but I was wrong. With Paul’s industry knowledge and by surrounding himself with a super talented team, they quickly produced a high quality product. We couldn’t be more stoked to be working with them and offering a wide range of their wetsuits and accessories.

North Seas 5.5/4.5/3 Hooded Wetsuit - $349.95

If you are looking for maximum warmth at an affordable price, this is your suit. Made for water temperatures ranging from 40 to 53 degrees, it’s more than warm enough for us here in the Northwest. The limestone based neoprene is lightweight and stretchy, and the lining used is a great insulator and fast drying. The fit is anatomically engineered with minimal seams for increased stretch and maximum flexibility. For the price, you are getting a solid amount of higher end features usually associated with more expensive suits. A watertight zipper, liquid sealed exterior seams, Vissla’s super stretch Neo 2.0 interior taped seams, a smooth panel on the back and head for wind and water repellant, and liquid taped cuffs to reduce flushing. All this adds up to a super solid and warm wetsuit at a great price. No wonder it’s quickly become one of our best selling suits in the shop.

Local Shaper Rob Russo has this to say about his North Seas:

“Best suit I have owned. Warm, flexible, easy to put on and very durable. Seams and cuffs are holding up well after a year of use. Comfy lining! Vissla booties are awesome too!” 

7 Seas 5/4/3 Hooded Wetsuit - $279.95

Not quite as warm as the North Seas, but super comfortable for us even on the coldest days. With a temperature range from 46 to 53 degrees, it will keep you warm during our Spring upwelling and be toasty all year long. You lose a little of the high end features with this suit, but still have more than enough to make this a bargain at the price. The neoprene is 100% Super stretch limestone, a Thermal Brain Fuzz lining is warm and dries fast, the anatomically engineered fit allows for unrestricted performance, and the knee pads are abrasive resistant and durable. The big difference between this and the North Seas is the lack of exterior liquid sealed seams, smoothy panel on the hood, and the zipper is not as watertight. If you are looking to save a little money but want a solid and great performing suit, this is one of the best options out there.

Team Rider Jonee Wright says this about his 7 Seas:

“I love my Vissla. Plenty warm and super flexible. It’s held up well over the year and haven’t had any issues.” 

7 Seas 4/3 Hooded Wetsuit - $269.95

Designed for water temperatures ranging from 49 to 56 degrees, and a price tag of only $269.95, we sell a lot of these in the shop as a back-up or second wetsuit when the water is a little warmer. Built exactly like the thicker 7 Seas, it’s got everything you need for a quality suit at an affordable price. Again, you might be a little cold if you use this suit as your everyday go-to here in Oregon, unless you paddle a lot to generate your own heat. It’s hard to argue however, for a better back-up wetsuit for the money. 

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