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Introducing Discovery Division

Being a surf shop in the Pacific Northwest, we know cold water surfing and the challenges it presents. Inherently, it means more equipment, thicker boards, and harsher weather conditions. When it comes to traveling to cold water destinations, these added hurdles can quickly diminish the excitement of any adventure. Having to pack and carry around additional clothing and heavier wetsuits can be a headache. Buying waterproof jackets and other cold weather gear can get expensive. We deal with these challenges daily and noticed a need that we have plenty of experience to fill. So we created a product line that addresses these challenges, with an emphasis on cold water travel. We are proud to introduce Discovery Division, by Moment Surf Company.

We feel the new frontier for surf discovery lies within cold water destinations. With the advancement of wetsuit technology, the limitations for cold water exploration has diminished. Areas of the globe that were once overlooked due to the severity of their conditions, are now becoming desirable. Waves will be discovered and surf destinations established in areas never before thought feasible. As warm locations continue to become overcrowded, surf travel in cold water areas will increase in desirability. Our goal is to help make your cold water adventures easier.

Our first line of products is built around our exclusively developed “rain camo” design pattern. It’s meant to connect our shop raindrop logo with a feeling of discovery evoked by a camouflage pattern. The color palate is distinctly Northwest. You will see either the pattern or colors used throughout the line. When merging it with our traditional “boxed logo” design, we believe it creates our best looking shop t-shirt, sweatshirt and hats to date.

From there we move into a series of products we developed in collaboration with some of our favorite brands. Our very own Travel Poncho designed with exclusive materials created by Voited Blankets. A waterproof yet breathable rain jacket developed by Grundens and co-marketed with Dark Seas. We then found a super versatile Poly-Tech insulated water-resistant jacket that is perfect for any cold water adventure. We haven’t stopped there, and can’t wait for you to see the additional products we will be releasing soon. Welcome to your next adventure!

Discovery Division: Designed in the NW, built for the world!