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From Summit To Sea - A PNW Artist Series

We are very proud to present our collaboration series called “From Summit to Sea”. It’s a partnership with several of our favorite Northwest Artists to celebrate the beauty of our home and the moments we enjoy here. From the peaks of the Coast Range to the rugged shoreline of the Pacific, we believe it’s like no other place on earth. It is also our opportunity to raise awareness of how what happens as far away as the mountains, eventually will end up at the ocean.

From Summit to Sea starts off with our In-house photographer  Jarett Juarez who perfectly merged two of his beautiful images illustrating the inseparable bond between the surrounding coast range and ocean. You can’t help but to envision the falling rain flowing down the deep valleys, into rivers and streams, eventually ending up in the sea where a solo wave breaks in the shared water. Miles upon miles separate the two images, but as shown in Jarett’s design, they merge perfectly together and are forever linked to one another.

Our next featured artist is  David Rollyn. His design combines the state tree of Oregon, the Coast Douglas Fir, and a set of cresting waves. These trees are found from the summit of the Coast Range all the way down to the sea. They help to connect the synergy between the two areas and solidify their shared dependency of each other. David’s art is simple imagery, but conveys the profound beauty of the Northwest perfectly.

Erik Abel is our third artist. An avid surfer, he has a deep and lifelong connection with the ocean. When I asked him to draw something that represented a favorite moment of his while surfing, he perfectly recreated it with the look on the Sea Lion’s face. If you are a surfer in the Northwest, then you have seen this same look on numerous occasions. It’s the look of curiosity, surprise, and a little territorial. It represents the connection we as surfers feel with Mother Nature and the environment we play in. It’s also a reminder of our responsibility to take care of it and make sure we protect the fellow creatures we share it with.

We hope you enjoy this collaboration and take the time to check out each artist's website and follow them on social media. Our goal for this series is that it inspires you to look after our environment, all the way From Summit to Sea. To understand that everything eventually ends up back at the ocean. That even though you might be many miles from the sea, your actions can eventually affect our coast.

We need to make a special mention to our last artist Arsenio Lopez. Whose career path in apparel design has lead him to work with industry powerhouses like Volcom, Fox and Nike. I asked him to take a fresh look at our Moment logo and he absolutely nailed it. His “boxed logo” design is clean and straightforward. We love it so much that we are including it in everything we do, from our website, apparel and overall branding. Hope you like it as much as we do!

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