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Best Hooded Wetsuit Deals: The Most Wetsuit For Your Money Under $300

The Best Hooded Wetsuits Under $300

When it comes to picking out that new wetsuit, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s literally hundreds of options out there, and pretty much all of them claim to be the warmest, most flexible, and best value. Well, we all know that’s not really the case, and sometimes it’s hard to cut through all the marketing BS. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to our top 4 favorite hooded suits under $300 bucks. Here’s our criteria. It must have an attached hood, it must be under $300 normally (not on sale), and it must be a suit we’d actually choose to wear (no we didn’t get any freebies or get paid to do this article… unfortunately). So without further ado…

  1. Xcel Axis 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit - $249.95 - OK, so when you compare this suit to Xcel’s top of the line wetsuits, it definitely seems like it’s lacking some things. However, it’s got the same exact fit as the highest end suits, and has a solid amount of interior seam tape, along with a nice grade of high end neoprene. For $250 bucks, it’s hard to beat
  2. The Best Hooded Wetsuits Under $300
  3. Vissla 7 Seas 4/3 Hooded Wetsuit - $259.95 - If flexibility is your thing, then you don’t need to look any further than this suit. With no slick skin, only interior taping, and a high performance fit, this wetsuit is the the most flexible one on our list. Yes, it’s a 4/3, and no, it’s not going to be the warmest wetsuit ever, but hey, you can’t have everything. Also, if you’re able to paddle circles around everyone, you’ll probably be warm enough anyway. (If you're super scared of a 4/3, they make a 5/4 for only $10 more)
  4. The Best Hooded Wetsuits Under $300
  5. O’Neill Original F.U.Z.E. 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit - $299.95 - This one is on the top end of our budget, but it’s definitely a contender. It’s got a unique style, with a host of high end features for less than most of the higher end wetsuits. Overall, this might be one of the best all around sutis for the money.
  6. The Best Hooded Wetsuits Under $300
  7. Roxy Women’s Syncro Plus 5/4/3 Wetsuit - $219.95 - We had to include a ladies suit in here, and this one is the best bang for your buck. Loaded with high end features, super soft neoprene, liquid seams, and a high end fit, this suit makes you wonder why they even have a higher end wetsuit.
  8. The Best Hooded Wetsuits Under $300

Overall, these suits are all great options for cold water for under $300, and we think you’ll be stoked on any of these. Sure, there are some better suits out there for more money, and we will admit that if you can save up for one of these, they’ll be even better. But sometimes, that’s just not an option, and these will get you in the water and keep you stoked for less coin!