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2019 Moment Artist Collection

Art and surfing go hand and hand. As surfers, we paint our own unique pictures each time we catch a wave. Every ride allows us to tap into our own artistic abilities and use our distinct style to tell a story. How we choose to use the power of a wave is different for every surfer. Like art, it’s an expression of the individual. There are no right or wrong ways of doing it, only the limits of our own creativity. Our goal with Moment Surf Company is to create a platform which allows individuals to flourish and follow their passions. From our shop staff and team riders, to the artists and collaborators we partner with, we hope to play a small roll along each of their individual journeys.

So with that, we are proud to introduce this year’s Artist Collection by Moment Surf Company. It is our third year of working with a couple of our favorite artists, Erik Abel and David Rollyn. This year we asked them to create something that really depicted surfing in our home town, Pacific City Oregon. In our opinion, both artists nailed it and we couldn’t be more excited to present them to you.

Erik decided to go with the unofficial bird of Pacific City for his design, the Pelican. With its wings spread wide and soaring over incoming waves, he captured perfectly a very familiar sight for those of us who surf here. Like the sea lion image he did for us before, Erik has an unbelievable talent for capturing the likeness and essence of animals we come into contact with while surfing. Being a very accomplished surfer himself, combined with his immense artistic ability, Erik is able to tell a whole story about surfing with one image. We couldn’t be more thrilled to continue to work with him!

David’s design captures an evening in Pacific City perfectly, a moon and breaking wave. After a full day of surfing, there is no better way of relaxing than hanging on the beach by a campfire, watching waves, and seeing the moon rise above the dunes. As surfers here, it’s what we do and live for. What makes David’s art so magical, is the complex stories he tells in a very minimalistic approach. It is fun, easy to understand, and evokes positive emotions through simple and understated designs. We love his work, and know you will too! 

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Photos by Chase Dillon

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