The 24th Annual Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic

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What a weekend! Thank you to everyone who competed, volunteered, sponsored, or just came to watch the 24th Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic. To say we couldn’t do it without you is an understatement. You are what this event is. It’s almost impossible to put into words how your loyalty and commitment has shaped what this event has become. We’ve been the organizers long enough to understand the basic structure of what needs to take place for the event to survive. For it to flourish and grow in such a meaningful way to so many people, is all because of you! 

The passion you have for the event is the soul of what it has become. It is so much more than a surf contest now. It’s generations of families continuing to come together to celebrate our NW Surf Culture and give back to our community. Our goal from the start was to raise enough money to build a local skatepark. Thanks to your generosity we were able to accomplish this goal earlier in the year. What I never expected to happen was finding a community that is so passionate about the event and beyond generous with their time, efforts, and support. Year after year you continue to give without hesitating. From the nearly 240 contestants, to each and every volunteer, to the artists and craftsmen, businesses and spectators, you make the event what it is. 

I was stopped too many times to count by people thanking us for putting it together and describing what the event means to them. They use words like community, gathering, positive, and family to describe the contest. However, it’s not the competition that makes them feel this way. The contest is just an excuse to see old friends and to make new ones. To root for your fellow competitor and to celebrate a good wave despite who catches it. I’m sure everyone competing wants to win, but not at the cost of ruining their weekend. Isn’t this what it means to be a surfer, to paddle out and just have fun!

With all this said, the surfing that took place was some of the highest quality longboarding we’ve ever seen! We were blessed with fantastic weather and surf conditions, which created a buzz throughout the contest and put a smile on everyone’s faces. The weather forecast had played evil tricks on us the week leading up to the event, bouncing from stellar conditions to signs of the first storm and monster swell of the season. As the weekend approached, the large swell was pushed back until Monday and the weather kept improving. I would like to think that the members of our surf community that we lost in the last few years, Gary Gregg, John Newman, and Ben Cockcroft, who meant so much to the contest, had something to do with it. Thanks guys for looking after us one more time! 

The crowd on the beach would go crazy during many of the heats right up until the final seconds. Several winners were decided by the smallest of margins. Every age bracket had its standout performance and I highly recommend you go to our YouTube page and watch the live streaming replay. Not to mention the fun listening to Tyler and Mattie’s commentating which had everyone on the beach laughing for two days straight. There is also a guest appearance from Ehren McGhehey of Jackass fame and some hilarious happenings with a T-Rex on the beach. All of it blending into a very entertaining watch and memorable weekend.

She wouldn’t want me to say anything, but most of this year’s success is due to event organizer Lisa Macy-Baker. She ran it this year far better than I ever did, and I can’t thank her and her husband Ron enough for their fantastic job and incredible efforts. Also thank you to the Pelican Brewery who once again donated beer, employee time, and several other items that helped make the event happen. Thanks to Todd Fischer, Taylor Looney, Joel Webb, Rob Russo and all the other artists for continuing to support this event with their art and generosity. To El Brado, Fiberglass Supply, and each and every shaper who donated their time and skills to make Coastal Craft happen, thank you! I could keep going, the list of volunteers and donators is long, but please check out the sponsor page at and try to support them if you get a chance. 

Thanks for another great event and see you all next year at the 25th Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic!

Final Results:


Kids with Parent

4:   Ivan Burrus

4:  Scout Houston 

4:   Ben Verdun 

4:   Kove Kauer

4:   Daisy Beard

4:   Ele Baker

4: Hutson Yeck

4:   Fio Schiaffino 

4:   Shane O’Dea

4:   Charlotte Akretch

4. Crosby Conant 

4. Mateo Medrano 

4. Kruz Kauer

4. Skaidra Scholey 

4. Madeira Yeck 

3:   Jonah Pacific Catt

2:  Wyatt Conant 

1:   Elijah Perry 

Boy Groms 12 and Under

4:   Everett Mollencop

4:   Bruce Jessel

4:   Rory Meyer 

3:   Walter Behrends

2:   Merrick Iorincz

1:   Baker Stewart

Girl Groms 12 and Under

2. Anneliese Akretch

2:  Sailor Houston

1:  Cameron Baker

Boy’s 13 to 17 Division

6:   Bodie Von Allmen

5:   Jack Hodge 

4:   Anderson Webb

3:   Soren Johnson

2:   Lachlan

1:   Jack Howard

Girl’s 13-17 

6:  Campbell Behrends 

5:  Lisette Soto

4:  Hailey Feuling

3:  Layla Schroeder

2:  Layla Newell

1:  Jami Lee

Women’s 60+ Division

2. Patti Van Ham

1. Deena Gomber

Men’s 60+  Division

6:  Mickey Young 

5:  Robert Fletcher

4:  Donald Shaffer

3:  Leon Gieselman

2:  Luis Lozano

1:  John Meyer

Women’s 50's

6:  Josephine De Oliveira

5:  Susan Russo

4: Natalie Gibbs

3:  Roberta Pietrok

2:  Jerri Clark

1:  Jeannine Mackie

Men’s 50's

6:   Scott Oda

5:   Brian Anderson

4:   Jason Oei

3:   Rob Russo

2:   Brian Noji

1:   Michael Zeeman

Women’s 40's

6:  Catherine Odell 

5:  Katie Nance

4:  Cathy Harding

3:  Kate Fox

2:  Hana Perlee

1:  Skaidra Scholey

Men’s 40's

6:  Erik Thompson

5:  Brian Cramer

4:  Adam Marteeny

3:  David Schiaffino

2:  Russell McClanon

1:  Zack Howard

Women’s 30's

6:  Emy Daniels 

5:  Kelly Delperdang

4:  Amelia O’Connor

3:  Mackenzie Russo

2:  Olivia Schroeder

1:  Kelly Aldinger

Men’s 30's

6:  Scott Bargaehr

5:  Talo Silver

4:  Lyon Young

3:  Robbie Ledbetter

2:  Sean Fagen

1:  Max Danger Cameron

Women’s 18-29

6:  Abby Mortimer

5:  Kailee Flint

4:  Taylor Brooks 

3:  Saphara Harrell

2:  Mikaela Mulhall

1:  Natasha Roth

Men’s 18-29

6:  Mitch Palmer 

5:  Justin Buford

4:  Michael Wedemeyer

3:  Deklyn Wood

2:  Nate Fletcher

1:  Travis Cockcroft

Best Maneuver Kids with parent:   Kove Kauer

Longest Noseride Men:  Zack Howard 

Best Ride Women:  Natasha Roth

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