Minerals In The Sea: Essential For You And Me

Minerals In The Sea: Essential For You And Me

Why Do I Need Minerals?

You Might Remember The Periodic Table From Your High School Chemistry Class. You Know, The One With All The Coded Acronyms Like ‘Mg’, ‘Na’, ‘Cu’, And ‘Fe’, Oh My! I Didn’t Care Much For It At The Time But I Now Realize That This ‘Magic Table’ With All Those Acronyms Actually Represents A Vital Component To Our Existence!

So What Are Minerals Anyway? Well, Minerals Are The Elements That Comprise The Entire Universe. They Comprise The Earth Itself And Everything On It, Including You! In Fact Minerals Make Up 4% Of The Human Body And Are Essential To Thousands Of Physiological Functions Including Making Our Hearts Beat, Transporting Oxygen And Building Bones.

The Importance Of Being “Mineral-Sufficient”

Experts Estimate 90% Of Americans Suffer From Mineral Imbalance And Deficiency. Because Your Body Requires Nearly Two Thirds Of All The Elements Currently Known To Man In Order To Maintain Health, Keeping These Minerals In Balance Is A Complex, Yet Incredibly Vital Task. The Events Of Everyday Living Demand A Continual Ingestion (Via Diet) And/Or Absorption (From The Environment) Of Minerals. If You Land In That 90% Who Suffer From Mineral-Deficiency Whether Because Of Frequent Exercise, Stress, Or A Diet Of Overly Refined, Nutrient-Poor Foods—Your Body Will Attempt To Correct The Situation In Futility, Usually Resulting In Food Cravings, Muscle Cramps, And General Fatigue.

Where Do I Get My Minerals?!


The Best Way To Ensure You Are Getting The Full Array Of Minerals Essential To Good Health Is By Consuming A Nutrient-Rich Whole Foods Diet. It Is Also Important To Avoid Processed Foods, Refined Sugars And Hydrogenated Fats As These Food Substances Are Nutrient-Void, Toxic To Our Bodies, And Are The Biggest Culprit In Depleting Our Mineral Stores.

Make Sure You Are Eating Plenty Of Fresh, Organic, Local And Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables. Consume Meat And Dairy Products From Grass-Fed And Pasture-Raised Animals. Eat Plenty Of Soaked And Sprouted Nuts And Seeds. Natural Mineral And Spring Water Are Also Great To Add To Your Diet If You Can Find An Affordable And Reliable Source!

The Oceans & Seas

Swim In The Sea Often! Walk Barefoot Along The Ocean’s Edge! Consume A Variety Of Unrefined Sea Salts From Oceans And Seas Around The World. Eat A Variety Of Sea Vegetables Such As Dulse, Kelp, Wakame And Arame.

Many Of The Trace Elements Once Abundant In Earth’s Soil Have Been Washed Into The Oceans. Because The Oceans And Seas Are Vast, And, Like The Human Body, Are Constantly Striving To Maintain Homeostasis, Minerals In The Oceans Are Found In Their Proper Proportions. Coincidentally These Are The Same Basic Proportions That Are Found In Healthy Human Bodies! This Healthy, Intricately Balanced Proportion Of Minerals And Trace Elements Found In Sea Water Is Absolutely Essential To The Human Body. Today, Our Life-Sustaining Sea Waters Contain All Of The Minerals And Elements Necessary To Support Human Life. Most Importantly, These Minerals And Elements Are Ionic And In Perfect Balance—Prime For Being Absorbed Into The Cells Of Your Body.

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