Introducing The Discovery Division Adventure Pack

Introducing The Discovery Division Adventure Pack

Timothy Leary once theorized that surfers are living a more fulfilling life because they know how to be in the moment better than most people. As humans, we tend to focus on either past failures or be burdened by an unknown future. We forget to live in the present and enjoy what we are currently doing. When riding a wave, surfers tend to only focus on the moment happening. It’s also our single-minded pursuit of finding these waves that tend to simplify our lives and help us live in the present. All forms of energy travel in waves, and surfers are the ones that have learned to ride them.

Adventure and discovery are also important aspect of life that surfers tend to do more than the average person. We are known to travel the globe in search of waves. We study weather, history, and geography all in the attempt to best locate and time the arrival of swells. It is because of this pursuit of living in the present that we named our surf shop Moment Surf Company. It is also why we’ve expanded and created our Discovery Division line. Our goal is to make cold water travel easier and help you live in the moment no matter where your adventures take you.

Continuing to expand on our product offering, we are very proud to introduce our Discovery Division Adventure Pack. It is your do-everything, all-in-one travel backpack. Over two years in development and tested during countless trips to cold water destinations, we feel we have created the perfect travel pack. It’s designed to hold and handle whatever you need to search out the most remote destinations in the world. The perfect size for air travel, durable enough for rugged life on the road, and engineered to handle whatever the weather throws at you. It will keep your wet gear away from your dry clothes, protect your laptop and organize your favorite fins. There are areas specifically designed for your toiletries, sunscreen, wax, sunglasses, wallet, keys/screws, and even a hidden passport pocket. There are exterior carrying loops to attach items like boots, water bottles, and our Discovery Division Travel Poncho. Its padded shoulder straps and sternum harness make even the heaviest load easy to carry. We developed it to handle any adventure you go on, from a day trip to the beach or an around the world life of discovery. It’s durable, functional, and ready to get you out there! Designed in the Northwest, built for the world!

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