Babes On Waves Surf's In Session

Babes On Waves Surf's In Session

A crew of 25 super stoked women showed up for the Surf’s in Session: Play, Fluidity, & Etiquette meet up on June 8th at Cape Kiwanda. The event was organized by Temenos Rising’s founder, Irene Bailey, and Babes on Waves’ founder, Sami Christensen. The day was spent surfing, practicing Qigong, building community, and included a surf etiquette conversation. The women were eager to learn and chat about safety, the culture of surfing, how it supports community, and how we share respect for the places we surf. The free wetsuits and surfboards provided by Moment made the event accessible to a variety of women, some who were surfing for the 1st or 2nd time. The day was full of smiles and laughter with a palpable enthusiasm for a life of connection and adventure.

Here is what a few women had to say about the day:

“I usually go surfing on my own or with just one other friend, so it was just incredible to have the opportunity to spend a day with a whole group of women and share our passion for surfing together. Surfing can be such an intimidating thing to get into, but building this community of strong, supportive women really makes all the difference. So much of surfing is about good energy and community, and I definitely felt that during our surf session!”


“Grateful to have spent the day with a group of amazing women from Babes on Waves and Temenos Rising. We spent the day building community, doing qigong, and surfing. When I started surfing 8 year ago, I rarely saw women in the water. Ecstatic to see so many getting into the sport and cultivating a community of kindness and strength.”


“Since I started surfing 11 years ago I’ve been itching to find a community I could be apart of. Babes on Waves finally made that possible for me. Doing qigong on the beach and then going out in the ocean with so many powerfully beautiful woman was such an amazing experience. I’m so grateful my path led me here!!! Can’t wait to all hang again.”


There is so much power and beauty when women are together, connecting deeply as part of the natural world. Surfing was our common interest but we also shared inspiring conversations and ideas for how to live authentically. While the number of women surfers in the Northwest is growing each year, many are looking for other women to surf with so they can build confidence and feel supported. And party waves are pretty sweet! Thank you sweet Mother Ocean for sharing your gifts with us and offering infinite wisdom and strength.

Babes on Waves helps women surfers in the NW find each other and build surf community.

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Temenos Rising is offering a 4-day Women’s Surf Retreat in August (only a few spots left).

More info at

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Article written by Irene Bailey

All photos by Sami Christensen ( @_sambones_ on Insta)

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