The Surf Shop

Moment Surf Company was created from our love of surfing and spending time in the ocean. Finding perfection in life is hard, but you can experience a perfect moment that you remember for a lifetime. For us, these moments come from surfing and the lifestyle it offers. Our goal is to help our customers find their perfect moment.  


The Surf Shop

-Established In 2010-

This is what we are, a surf shop at the beach! We only sell the very best products available for surfing. We deeply care about surfing and it is an integral part of our lives, and we strive to share the best experience we can to you! We love surfing so much in fact, that Surf Comes First for us!


Pacific City

-Our Beautiful Town-

Pacific City is our home. We take great pride in the beautiful beaches, people and local businesses that make it a special place to live. We are tucked out of sight from the main highway and crowds of bigger beach towns. People come here to escape and have a good time. All we ask is that you bring a smile and leave the beach trash free. We look forward to seeing you soon!