Surfing Is Our Business!

We offer daily surf lessons, ages 5 years and up, weather and surf permitting. Our classes are designed to give beginner surfers core fundamental skills and wave knowledge to help accelerate the learning process. Book online below!

What We Teach

  • Safety
  • Surf etiquette 
  • Wave knowledge
  • Paddle technique
  • The "standing up" flow
  • Getting out through the waves 

Group Surf Lesson (2 Hours, Up To 4 People Per Lesson) - $165/Person

Private Surf Lesson (2 Hours, Groups Up To 4) - $205/Person

Includes all day rental of:
· Surfboard
· Wetsuit
· Booties
· Gloves
· Hood


7 days a week at 10:00am and 1:00pm, depending on conditions. Call ahead if you would like us to asses conditions.


Deklyn Wood

Dayl Wood

Sean Fagan

2024 Youth Surf Camps!

We're bringing back our popular summer youth camps for 2024, you can find more information here!


Just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience our students had learning how to surf this past weekend!!! The instructors that worked with our class were so helpful, patient and supportive and all of the kids had a great experience; now that we are back home, they are already asking for us to repeat the class next year and many of them are planning ways to get out surfing again this year! It was so wonderful to see how the experience changed our students- I really don't have the words to describe it but it seemed like you could actually see how much this uniquely positive experience of catching a wave built up their self-esteem and confidence in themselves!

 I really appreciate your help in planning everything and the work of all of the surf instructors and Moment employees who were all so great with our students! With such a big group, I was worried we might be overwhelming and get in the way of other customers (hopefully this didn't happen!) but all of the Moment employees were so kind and helpful and the kids were just enthralled with them. One of the best things was that even after our lesson, when some of the students ran into the instructors, they felt comfortable enough to ask question and the instructors never hesitated to take the time to talk with them and give them pointers. 

We can't thank you all enough for giving our students this amazing experience! The students made a thank you poster which I sent in the mail the other day. but oddly enough, the post office told me the surf shop address was not a place they could deliver to? I showed them the website and they said they'd go ahead and send it; hopefully it will get to you!

Thank you again!

Christina Baxter