Christmas Gifts Every Surfer Would Want…

Christmas Gifts Every Surfer Would Want…

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for that surfer in your life? We tried to help a little by picking out 20 items that every surfer could use. Some are more expensive than others, but everyone of them is guaranteed to increase the stoke level of any cold water surfer. Happy Holidays!


Every surfer needs wax, duh!

Wetsuit Shampoo

Everybody pees in their wetsuit, make sure they keep it clean!

Wax Remover

Every surfer likes a clean board, help make it easy on them.


Takes more elbow grease to clean a board, but no chemicals!

Ear Plugs

Prevent surfer’s ear and the nasty surgery it takes to fix!

Moment Wax Buddy

Removes wax and opens a beer, perfect!

Wetsuit Dry Bag

Great for daily trips to the coast or longer surf vacations, a must for every surfer.

Moment Gear

Show support for your local surf shop and do it in style!

Oregon Surfing Book

Learn about the wonderful history of surfing in Oregon and it’s colorful characters.

Neoprene Gloves

Baby it’s cold outside, keep those digits warm with a new pair of gloves.


In Oregon, gloves are an option, boots are a must!

Changing Poncho

Hide what doesn’t need to be seen when slipping on that wetsuit.


Instead of buying a new board, try a different set of fins. It’s much cheaper and can completely change the way your board performs.

Fin Wallet

Carry your quiver of fins safely to the beach and back.

Rack Straps

Great for everyday use or surf travel, every surfer should have a set.

Rack Pads

Protect your board when traveling to and from the coast.

Keyvault Key Storage

Solve the biggest struggle in surfing, what to do with my keys when I paddle out!


Even if it’s not sunny, every surfer should wear sunscreen everyday!

Tide Watch

Surfer’s plan their day around the tides, help them out with a new tide watch!

Longboard Skateboard

If the waves are flat, nothing helps a surfer survive than skateboarding!

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Welcome to the team Justin Buford! Justin has been a part of the shop since we opened in 2010. He was a true local grom who would spend his days skateboarding in our parking lot and washing rental wetsuits when he wasn’t in school. His family lived just up the street and his step-dad is one of the best surfers in town. His brother-in-law comes from the legendary South County Surf family the Ledbetters. Surfing is who and what Justin is, it’s in his blood. 
It felt a lot like home, Ireland. I suppose in a bizarre way it is, as my ancestors planted their roots in county Sligo on the North West coast of the country in the early 1700's after immigrating from Scotland. Ireland has been at the top of my travel list since long before I found out there was surf there. I formed images in my head of what the landscape would look like from seeing pictures, videos and hearing stories of infamous rocky basalt point breaks and shallow heaving slabs. Every image I had crafted fell short in comparison to seeing it all in person for the first time.
Houdini was the ultimate escape artist of his time, and it’s pretty obvious that this was the reasoning behind the naming of the Firewire Houdini; a board built with large, powerful barrels in mind, as well as the act of disappearing into those barrels and then escaping while still standing. So will the Firewire Houdini have you escaping the best barrels of your life, or will you suffer the same fate as the namesake with a fatal punch in the gut when you paddle out into some bombing lineup?
“You’ve got to pay to play” or something along those lines, is what we tell ourselves whenever a board is broken during a session. When you get comfortable enough in waves that require a step-up board like Lost’s Sabo-Taj model, the likelihood of snapping it is pretty high. Extra glassing offered from many shapers can help, but it still takes just one bad wipeout or mistimed positioning to kiss your favorite PU board goodbye. So when Lib-Tech took its “dang difficult to ding” technology and combined it with Lost Surfboard’s slab hunting Sabo-Taj, could a board be born that finally holds up to heavy conditions? Let’s find out….