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Xcel Drylock 5mm Split Toe Boot Review

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”

For at least the past 5 years, the Xcel Drylock Split Toe 5mm Boot has been the #1 selling accessory in the shop. Besides some upgrades in the liner and minor changes to the sole, the boot has remained primarily unchanged during that time. Why? Because the boot flat out works! The majority of our Team Riders and all of the guys in the shop wear them. They are durable while maintaining the highest level of performance and warmth. The only real question is if you like the Split Toe design or if you would rather go with the Round Toe. Some people either don’t like the feel or their feet simply don’t fit well into a Split Toe boot. If that’s the case, the Round Toe version has all the same features and benefits and you will be equally stoked on their performance.

Moment Team Rider Johnny Grubbs putting the Drylock boots to the test.

What makes them so warm?

It starts off with the Drylock Ankle Seals. An Xcel exclusive, this seamless, engineered “donut seal” construction keeps water out and minimizes flushing. The snug, comfortable seal also fits better under your wetsuit. Less water in your boot means warmer feet! The next reason is the all new Celliant Black liner. It helps generate and retain heat better than any other liner on the market. It’s also got quick dry fibers weaved in that sheds water and keeps your feet dryer and warmer.

Moment Team Rider Tony Perez sticks to his board like glue with the Xcel Drylock Boots. Photo: Phil Schlieder

What makes them the best performing boot?

The 3 dimensional foot mold helps create a contoured and super tight fit. Along with the ergonomically angled Velcro strap, your foot is less likely to slip around inside the boot. The single rubber bottom is not only more durable, but helps with better board feel. The pressure bonded back ankle pull straps are bomb proof! Super durable construction for keeping the pull loop attached to the boot. Pressure bonding also means a more watertight construction with no stitching that would otherwise penetrate the neoprene and let water in.

Moment Team Rider Johnny Grubbs finds some shade with the Drylock Boots on.

In conclusion:

For a super durable, warm and high performing boot, look no further than the Xcel Drylock Split Toe 5mm Boot. Your feet will be stoked and comfortable!

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