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Xcel Comp X Wetsuit Review

Spring is right around the corner and our new shipments of wetsuits are starting to arrive daily. The first brand to hit the floor is Xcel featuring our staff’s favorite Comp X Hooded Wetsuit. Available in either 4.5/3.5mm or 5.5/4.5mm thickness, it was 2017 SIMA Wetsuit of the Year. Simply put, this suit is designed for ultimate performance while not sacrificing your time in the water. Super stretchy and lightweight, with just the right amount of technical features to keep you warm. Xcel has perfectly crafted a suit that keeps our team riders performing at their highest level, while also making sure the average surfer stays warm and comfortable even in the coldest of conditions.

Moment Team Rider Johnny Grubbs getting slotted in his Xcel Comp X Wetsuit

High Performance Features

What makes this suit so light and stretchy? It starts by using Ultra Stretch Neoprene throughout the entire suit. Also, the Japanese Limestone Nanoprene used is the lightest, softest and warmest available. While constructing the suit, Xcel was able to design both large front and back panels to reduce seams and stitching. This drastically increases flexibility and helps reduce the suits overall weight. The back knee flex grooves help improve movement throughout the legs and increases comfort. This suit is made to perform!

Warmth and Comfort

The main feature keeping you warm is the use of TDC Thermo Dry Celliant liner from chest to ankles. This helps generate and retain heat better than any other liner on the market. The Fusion X Taping throughout the suit delivers unmatched durability while maintaining seam flexibility and reducing water leaks. A watertight zipper with magnetic zip closure reduces water entering around your chest and the Nexskin ankle and wrist seals keeps water from entering from your extremities. The less water hitting your skin the warmer you stay. All this adds up to warmth without sacrificing flexibility and performance.

4.5/3.5mm vs. 5.5/4.5mm

Moment Team Rider Tony Perez proving you can still be flexible in a 5.5/4.5mm wetsuit

The guys in the shop have been wearing the 4.5/3.5mm version all winter and nobody has complained about the cold. However, if you are someone that gets cold easily or leans more towards warmth over maximizing flexibility, go with the 5.5/4.5mm. Team rider Tony Perez prefers the thicker suit and feels it doesn’t limit his performance at all. So final answer, you can’t go wrong either way!

Both suits are offered exclusively through Core Surf Shops! Yet another way they hit a home run with this, making it available only at your favorite shop. Way to go Xcel!

Xcel Video breaking down the suit:

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