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    My Quiver - Gary

    The second entry into our “My Quiver” series is focused on Gary Gregg aka “Silverback” “Gary Hopez” or “Greystoke”. When he is not dodging work to go surf, he can be found teaching lessons for us during the summer. He spends more time in the water here in Pacific City than anybody, so having a diverse quiver is essential to maximizing his wave time. Hope you enjoy reading about his eclectic range of boards!

    Board 1

    Bing Surfboards, Elevator single fin. 10' x 23.25" x 3.25". Strictly a noseriding cruiser for waves 4 feet and under. Smooth and really fun in the right conditions.

    Board 2

    North Pacific Surfboards, 5 fin. 9' X 22.25" X 3". High Performance Longboard, I ride this board in any conditions up to double overhead. A very responsive design for quicker turns, Art Coyer is a shaper who has a proven track record in the northwest.

    Board 3

    Team Low Tech, 5 fin. 9'2" X 22" X 3". Shaped by Brad Finley heavily glassed for bigger conditions. I like this board in a quad configuration for racing shifty peaks and making it down the line while cutting through chop.

    Board 4

    Rob Russo Surfboards, 3 fin. 9' X 23.50" X 2.75". A great board for small, mushy days up to 5'. Epoxy for me feels like it surfs on top of the water really well. Your legs really need to respond to each turn quickly unlike PU foam which sinks into the wave a lot more. At least that is my personal feeling about the differences between the two materials.

    Board 5

    Lalane Suurfboards, Gemini Quad. 6’ X 20.25" X 2.50" aka “The Pickle Fork” A unique design that I always wanted to try out. It is really suited for steep and fast surf in the 6 feet and under category. The unique double nose allows for a longer board rail line in a short board shape. Unlike most quads this one must be surfed more off the back foot, not front foot heavy.

    Board 6

    Larry Mobile, Third World Surfboards Quad. 6'2" X 21.25" X 2.75" aka “The Sting” An oldie but a goodie! This animal has been a great board from 8 feet down to 2 feet. It is really fast and with a switch out of fins can double it's surfable range in a variety of conditions.

    Board 7

    Firewire Surfboards, Sci-Fi 5 fin. 5'9" X 19.40" X 2.50" Everybody needs a performance shortboard in their quiver!

    Board 8

    Northwest Surf Design. Twin/Mini-Simmons. 5'5" X 21.50" X 3" aka “The AARP Card” Scott Rowley's great design for summer's small and wind blown peaks. Surprisingly fast and loose for such a short and wide board. It paddles like a longboard but then when you stand up the nose is gone and you have to start pumping to get going. A solid nod to modern surfboard pioneer designer Bob Simmons.