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Coastal Craft Glasser Profile: El Brado

Our third Coastal Craft profile is technically a glasser profile rather than a shaper profile. Brad from El Brado Fiberglass will be generously donating his time to glass all of the surfboards that are shaped at the event. Often an overlooked process of surfboard manufacturing, some actually argue that the glassing can be even more important than the shaping of the board itself. An art form in itself, glassing can make or break even the best of surfboard shapes, which is why we are so stoked to have a veteran glasser like El Brado working with us for Coastal Craft!

Coastal Craft: Where did you get your start and why?

El Brado: 1989 Hood River OR. with Art Coyler of North Pacific Surf. After I first surfed, it was over. I knew what I wanted to do. And shortly after I moved to Southern California, where I worked with legends such as: Donald Takayama, Channin’s Precision Fiberglassing, Moonlight Christenson Factory, XTR, Rusty Surfboards, Channel Islands, Lost. I currently work for Matt Kazuma, and Tom Parrish on the island of Maui during winter months.

CC: Where are you located/who are your main customers?

EB: Camas, WA. Labels include Murdey Surfboards, Tom Parrish Hawaiian Designs, North West Surf Designs, Teardown Surfboards, NME Surf, DMR Surfboards, and FrestCoast. And Walk-ins are always welcome.

CC: Glassing can be an under appreciated art form and the average surfboard buyer doesn't fully understand how difficult it is. What keeps you motivated and what do you hope to achieve with each board you glass?

EB: What keeps me motivated is the drive to let the rest of the world know that we build just as good of boards here in the northwest that are built anywhere around the world. I’m constantly learning on my travels about how to be a better builder. I definitely do it for the love of the craft. And in return, I give that to my customers. I want to create life-long stoke with each board I create. Without quality glassing, all you have is a piece of foam. Shaping is just one quarter of the equation, and it’s my job to bring the shape to life.

CC: What draws you to this event?

EB: The comradery of like-minded people that want to share the stoke of surf.

CC: What do you want visitors to take away from this event?

EB: Their trash.

*** Don't forget, all boards shaped during the event will be available at our silent auction, with all proceeds going towards the Pacific City Skatepark! 

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